Self-Care: A Brave, Painful Investment in Personal Growth

 In the world of self-care, the journey there is not always a bed of roses.

While many visualize self-care as a relaxing spa day, a comforting book by the fireside, or a delightful dinner at a fancy restaurant - and yes, these are indeed forms of self-care - there is another side to this coin that often goes unexplored. This side of self-care can be challenging, daunting, and even painful. Yet, it is just as essential, if not more so, for our overall well-being.

When we talk about self-care, we often overlook the fact that it is an investment in our future selves. Like any investment, it requires sacrifice. Sometimes, these sacrifices can be quite difficult to make. For instance, I have a close friend that recently had to cut ties with some of our mutual friends who consistently undervalued them. My friend faced their flaws and shortcomings in a long weight loss journey. These were not easy tasks, but they were necessary for well-being.

Self-care is not always about indulging in pleasant experiences. Sometimes it involves making tough decisions and enduring hardships for the sake of our future selves. It's a mindful approach to life that requires self-kindness and intentionality.

Here are five instances where self-care can be challenging:

1. Leaving an abusive relationship: It's a harrowing experience, but ultimately the most loving act you can do for yourself. Staying in such a relationship is akin to a slow suicide.

2. Walking away from toxic social circles: It's painful to let go of familiar faces and places, but it creates room for supportive and positive relationships.

3. Regular health check-ups: Whether it's a dental appointment or a gynecological check-up, they're crucial for early detection and treatment of potential health issues.

4. Regular exercise: Despite the temptation to laze around, maintaining an active lifestyle is essential for physical health.

5. House cleaning: While not everyone enjoys cleaning, maintaining a clean living environment contributes to mental well-being. Self-care also involves confronting the less appealing aspects of ourselves. It's about self-improvement and personal growth.

Admitting our flaws and taking responsibility for our actions is an integral part of this process. It's about looking in the mirror and acknowledging that there are areas in our lives that need work - and then taking the necessary steps to address them. Dont be fooled though  - this introspective journey can be brutal and often involves dealing with past traumas and insecurities. But it's an essential part of self-care that leads to a better understanding of ourselves and fosters personal growth.

Overcoming addiction of any kind (drugs/alcohol/sex/work/sugar/working out) is another area where self-care can be excruciatingly painful but ultimately rewarding. The withdrawal phase is indeed horrible, but it's a necessary step towards a healthier life. In conclusion, while self-care can involve pleasurable activities such as aromatherapy or long walks on the beach, it also requires courage and resilience to confront our demons and make tough decisions for our well-being. It's a long-term commitment that pays off in the end, leading to a healthier and more fulfilled life. So remember, while it's perfectly fine to light a scented candle for relaxation, don't shy away from the difficult aspects of self-care. They may be challenging, but they are just as important - if not more so - for your overall well-being.

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