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The Essence of Resilience

Resilience is rooted in the experiences one faces as they journey from childhood into the adult world. Insights built and skills learned while moving through life lessons. 

The resilient commonly share traits that withstand struggle and recover intact from difficulty with grace and flexibility. It is not that these individuals do not experience struggle; it is that they adapt and overcome. Persistence, solution-finding, humble and forgiving attitudes, strength, tolerance, and emotional intelligence allows the resilient to choose the battle and understand that most conflicts driven by another come from the struggles of the other. 

The Resilient, who are not likely driven by ego, understand acceptance is not the same as approval - merely acceptance of the situation they are faced with. 

As natural solution finders, the resilient survive, thrive, and move forward through obstacles and threats to their mental health. Yet - they maintain integrity, accountability of attitude, the spirit of kindness, and objectivity. They do this without hurting or stomping on another in their path; they accept that others have journeys, ideas, and experiences that are different than their own; the resilient allow others to be, to own their truth, without judgment, although it may differ from their own values or known fact. 

 This scent, the OG, or the reflection of resilience, is an old classic with many names and stereotypes worn by itself and commonly an ingredient in expensive parfum. 

Although, over time, there have been variations of this scent, it only comes from one species of plant, the Pogostemon. Three in particular; most versions have one of the three plants; the oil is dark and light and blends very nicely. 

This version is the best version. The scent contains a blend of all three plants in the same species - Pogostemon Cablin, Pogostemon Heyneanus, and Pogostemon Hortensis, a perfect blend of light and dark oils of the Pogostemon species. 

There is a belief that inhaling this scent will stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine - the feel-good hormones. These hormones help reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, angst, anger, feeling anxious, and frustration. If receptive, the scent can encourage the release of fear, anger, and sadness. The smell is grounding and calming, bringing a sense of balance and harmony to the mind and body - negative emotions be gone. Some even report libido-enhancing effects, 

Only some people like the scent. Not to get too 'out there,' but it has been said by the essential oil and aura gurus that people who are coping well and tapping into a good sense of resilience will find this sent lovely and intoxicating. They report an earthy and sweet scent, with fresh grass and a touch of vanilla. While those who are struggling with coping or their mental health may say things like 'What smells like a campfire' or 'What smells funky..or weird.'

Truth or Fiction?

I don't know. But I do know that I love the scent, and others love the scent as well. At Koi Monkeys we have been blending this fragrance for 25 years, wearing it, and providing it to others. Mainly, people offer radiant compliments, reporting that they love it. Once in a while, someone reports a campfire scent or something unappealing.  

The scent is not welcoming fresh out of the bottle. This honest, natural, pure fragrance must be placed on your skin. Once you swipe it on both sides of your neck, it warms and mingles with your chemistry - this is where the magic happens. Over a few hours or even through the day, the scent creates a personalized fragrance with your chemistry, uniquely you, your essence.  

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